Improved productivity through crop-livestock interventions in South Kivu, Eastern DR Congo (CLiP).

In DRC, the CLiP target is 800 households in 40 villages around Miti (highlands) and Kamanyola (Rusizi plains).

CLiP is designed to test and evaluate strategies for promoting farm development through the integration of crop and livestock production focusing on (1) reducing rural poverty;(2) increasing food security and resilience of farmers against shocks (climate, livestock/crop diseases, theft, political instability); (3) improving nutrition and health through the introduction of bio-fortified crops like maize, beans, cassava, and the use of protein of animal origin; and sustainable management of natural resources.

To achieve these objectives, the project will raise awareness and promote (1) technologies with synergetic reciprocal effects on crops and livestock to (i) increase the farm productivity while applying soil conservation practices; (ii) climate smart livestock production through feeding approaches reducing greenhouse gas emissions combined
with better access to preventive animal health care and pasture improvement; (2) linkages of small scale producers to commercial value chains for crops and livestock (dairy/meat value chains); (3) improvement of household nutrition and health through balanced diets to overcome nutritional deficiencies among pregnant and breast-feeding
women and young children; and (4) facilitating the access of women and young people to assets like land, livestock, farm benefits, and loans.

The project is currently implemented in 10 villages with 200 early adopter farmers.